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Welcome to our online space. My name is Stephan, and my wife Susanne and I are The Touching Stone, specialists in creating gravestones.

We are stone enthusiasts – our language is the language of symbolism. Sculptors and artists by trade, the grave markers that we create tell a story about the deceased without using words. They are a unique expression of a person’s life and spirit.

Learning and breathing the art of a sculptor from an early age as well as our travel experiences over the years have given us the great opportunity to not only be able to offer our artistic services, but also to teach and pass on knowledge. We are passionate about combining influences from different cultures to inspire us to create contemporary pieces of art.

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Work on memorials

Yes. We deliver nationwide and worldwide

We also provide additional information and interesting facts for cemeteries in:

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Memorials – Free advice and Interesting facts

How to repaint a faint inscription.

How to care for an inlay.

DIY instructions for installing gravestones.

We feel that it is important to share our knowledge. Above please find free advice and fun stuff all around stone from an expert’s perspective… The videos can be increased in size by hovering the mouse cursor over the bottom of the viewer and by clicking on the ‘youtube’ logo.

The process of making a gravestone. All three parts of our documentary.

Splitting a block of schist with old school techniques.

Splitting a volcanic rock with old school techniques.

How to read worn inscriptions.

Moving a big stone with sand only.

Hard sculpting work using the pneumatic chisel.

Water and art. A beautiful combination.

Thoughts about our work

Having visited new parts of cemeteries worldwide (such as New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Houston) was an eye opening experience for us. We were disappointed when we saw that there were only stones with little individual character and repeating shapes from mass production. How nice would it have been to see more passion going into the designs! The results of our reflections can be seen in the gallery.

Communication and empathy are the keys for a gravestone that is both individual and beautiful. For better transparency of the process we have included some examples of our communication with past clients. For more please read here.

In addition we have filmed a documentary that shows the whole process from A to Z. The three parts of the documentary are available on youtube under this link.

The travelling sculptor

Read more about a stonemason’s interesting findings while travelling around the world.

Join us on our trip from the overwhelming stelaes of Copan, to the quarries of ancient Egypt to the silent drywalls of New England. All these experiences have influenced our work. A summary of these astonishing discoveries can be found here.


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