The Artists

Our work as artists and sculptors consists of several parts. Firstly, we connect and liaise with our customers for inspiration and come up with a design. Secondly, we carry out the carving, using all our talent and knowledge that we have gained as craftspeople over the years. The result is a unique piece of art that truly reflects our customers’ wishes.


Susanne Rauth-Roess



Hi, I am Susanne. I come from a family of stonemasons in Austria. I started training when I was 15 years old and was supervised by my father, who was the head of the stonemason’s guild in Tyrol at the time. Learning my craft in such an inspiring environment ensured that I received an initmate insight and knowledge. I finished the mason’s school in Salzburg as a master craftsman at the age of 24.

Stephan Roess



Hi, I am Stephan. I find inspiration in the arts and in nature. I absolutely love being on my own drawing the whole day long and come up with more and more shapes and ideas during this process. A talent is something that is gifted to you – every day that you are not using it, is a day going to waste. Stone, metal and wood are all blessings from mother earth. They are there, ready to be transformed in something beautiful. This is what I do and cherish.