Mosaic Art – Building a place to reflect (inspired by headstones on a Greek cemetery)

Our focus is mostly on headstones or gravestones. The other 50% of our time goes in other projects such as the Grotto we construct under a hill. This is an extensive project and needs many months to finish. The centerpiece is a picture of Maria holding a bowl which is a fountain. Her portrait is composed of ca. 8000 pieces of Mosaic pieces which took two months to compose. All pieces are made of one inch thick natural stone such as Onyx, Granite, Marble (some of it gilded), Lapis lazuli, NZ greenstone and jasper laid in the old Roman tesserae (small blocks of stone, glass, tile and other material used in the mosaic’s construction) technique. This will last for centuries to come.

I documented the whole process and took plenty of photos for everybody who is interested.

The grotto is a place were we can sit down and reflect. It is also a great place to celebrate any special events in our family. It gives us the focus for the work we put in our headstones. I can easily imagine to include a mosaic into a headstone from now on. In fact there is already a gravestone in process that combines both methods. This will be the portrait of an angel surrounded by a knot work of mosaic. It also comes with a shell inlay and a gilded halo just like the one in the below picture. We can’t wait to see the result and are quite excited to get started with it.

Regarding the grotto we are  working on some stone benches and other ornaments at the moment. This will embellish the area around the mosaic and create the atmosphere we are after. There is still a lot to do. Updates and some information about the process and other projects will follow soon.


Angel mosaic headstones

Angel Mosaic

Please follow this link if you got here looking for gravestones, headstones, tombstones, monuments and memorial markers.

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